Chris Cox

Hello and thanks for visiting my small part of the internet. This page will tell you a little bit about me.


I’m a happy husband and father of two girls living in the North West of the UK. I’m a techie at heart and have been interested in Linux system admin and open source since the early 00’s. I got involved in the cloud scene fairly early where I started automating with tools like Puppet and CloudFormation. When I’m not with my family or playing with tech I like to run.


I work at CTS as the Head of GCP. We’re the largest dedicated Google Cloud partner in Europe. We help organisations work smarter by adopting modern technologies & ways of working. That can be anything from containerising applications to building large scale Data Platforms.

This Site

I use hand crafted HTML. Yes, you read that right. I got fed up of the dependency management for static generators like Jekyll. Yes, Docker and other tools exist but it’s all extra effort in the way of writing content which I want to do more of. All I need is a text editor and copy & paste. It’s simple and it works. Plus it’s very lean; no JavaScript and a tiny amount of CSS. I might play with some lighter CSS frameworks at some point.