Chris Cox

Hello and thanks for visiting my small part of the internet. This page tells you a little about me.


I’m married with two daughters and we live in the North West of England. I’m a techie and have been interested in Linux system admin and open source since the early 00’s. I got involved in public cloud early where I started automating with tools like Puppet and CloudFormation. When I’m not with my family or playing with tech I enjoy health and fitness.


I work at CTS as the Head of GCP. We’re the largest dedicated Google Cloud partner in Europe. We help organisations work smarter by adopting modern technologies & ways of working. That's anything from containerising & modernising applications to building large scale Data & Anlaytics Platforms.

This Site

I use hand crafted HTML. I got fed up with the dependency management for static site generators like Jekyll. Yes, Docker and other tools exist but it’s all extra effort in the way of writing content which I want to do more of. All I need is a text editor and copy & paste. It’s simple and it works. Plus it’s very lean; no JavaScript and a tiny amount of CSS. I looked at Pelican again recently which looks simple. I will give it a try when I get some spare time. Managing a Python environment can be straight forward.